Visiting a tea plantation in Sri Lanka

Visiting a tea plantation in Sri Lanka

  Sri Lanka is famous the world over for its fine white sand beaches, delicious food, love for cricket and of course tea. Ceylon, Sri Lanka’s former colonial name is still synonymous with tea production. When we were on the south coast of Sri Lanka earlier this year, we discovered that near to where we […]

The Lens: Cultural Hanoi

Cultural Hanoi

The Lens: Highlighting a place with 3 separate images. People presume because I am an avid traveller I have knowledge on every town and city around the world. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Our visit to Hanoi was a perfect example. As we got on the bus in Dien Bien Phu I had no […]

Visiting Bohol Island, The Philippines

Bohol Island, The Philippines

  Part 2 of Two Paradise Islands to entice you to visit the Philippines After leaving Palawan (reluctantly I might add!), we headed to the second of our paradise islands: Bohol Island. It was my second visit to this lush island and I was happy to be back. I was last here in 2011 and […]

The Lens: Gorkhi Terelj National Park, Mongolia

Gorkhi Terelj National Park

The Lens: Highlighting a place with 3 separate images. One of the best things about travel is how it breaks down barriers. People tend to be less reserved when they are on the road. We met Emily and Stefan over our love of bacon in a guesthouse in Mongolia. Within half an hour of chatting […]

Green Sri Lanka: Cinnamon Wild, Yala, Sri Lanka

Cinnamon Wild, Yala, Sri Lanka

Responsible Travel Green Sri Lanka – Accommodation Escaping into the wild at a luxury eco hotel There are times in your adult life where just for a few moments you react like a child. These times are rare but when they do happen, all your adult barriers come down to experience the sheer joy of […]

How travel has changed me

How travel has changed me

Regular readers of this blog will know that I am a very open-minded guy. It wasn’t always like that though. My views and opinions on the world and it’s inhabitants slowly evolved over the years. Living in various different places helped. I was born and raised in Birmingham, England which has a rich history of […]

What to do in Osaka

What to do in Osaka

The Japanese saying of “kuidaore” is used to describe Osaka, which translates to something like, ‘falling down from eating’. Osakis love their food and they love to party. In fact it is said the people of Osaka spend more on food than anything else. The amount of restaurant and bar lined streets you can find […]

The Lens: Visiting Kotor, Montenegro

Visiting Kotor, Montenegro

Welcome to our new series. The Lens is the new name for The Friday Photo Project, a blog post that highlights a place with 3 separate images. The concept is still the same, we just think that the term “Lens” captures what the post is about more. If you are visiting Kotor, Montenegro then the […]

Travel book of the month: Londoners


This month’s travel book is a book that is close to my heart. Londoners by Craig Taylor captures what it’s like to live in London perfectly. Written by people who love London, hate London, want to come to London, or can’t wait to leave London, the book will give you a slight glimpse of what […]

Jungle Beach, Unawatuna, Sri Lanka

Jungle Beach, Unawatuna

Local Travel If you are heading to Unawatuna, Sri Lanka and are looking to avoid the crowded beach, then we suggest you head to the aptly named Jungle Beach. It’s smaller, quieter, has calmer waters and it’s where the locals go. Still not convinced? Watch the video below to see what it’s like: Jungle Beach, […]