Don’t let them win


  Anger, deflated, upset, horrified, determined. These are some of the words that instantly come to mind as I think about last weekend’s atrocities in Paris, Beirut, and Sinjar. The most important word in that list is determined. I am determined not to let the evil bastards that call themselves Isis to change my way […]

The Lens: A day in Corfu Town

A day in Corfu Town

The Lens: Capturing a place with 3 photos We only had a day in Corfu Town and to be honest we were not expecting much. We envisaged Corfu as a typical bucket and spade holiday destination. How wrong we were. Corfu town is a beautiful ancient town with a rich history. Some of its past […]

A weekend of adventure in Wales

adventure in Wales

All I could hear was “oh my god, oh my god, oh my god”. The woman in front of me was not filling me with confidence. I couldn’t see her as she was around the corner from me but she was giving me the impression that what I was about to face was not for […]

Why Mirissa beach is our favourite beach in Sri Lanka

Mirissa beach

Sri Lanka is not short of stunning beaches. With a coastline that is over 1,585 km long it is not hard to find your own spot of tropical paradise. We visited quite a few beaches during our stay and decided that Mirissa beach was our favourite. Before we list the reasons why it’s our favourite […]

Things to do in Nara, Japan

Things to do in Nara

I must admit, I had never heard of Nara before arriving in Japan. Tokyo and Kyoto yes, Nara no. Sometimes just turning up in a place without having any knowledge about it really helps with expectations as you have no preconceptions. Nara turned out to be an amazing city. We only had one day there […]

Places to visit in Istanbul

Places to visit in Istanbul

In May we visited Istanbul for the first time we loved it from the moment we landed. There is a buzz to the city that is highly infectious. It felt like people lived their lives on the street. From reading the paper over a morning coffee to late night drinks and food, the locals never […]

Visiting a tea plantation in Sri Lanka

Visiting a tea plantation in Sri Lanka

  Sri Lanka is famous the world over for its fine white sand beaches, delicious food, love for cricket and of course tea. Ceylon, Sri Lanka’s former colonial name is still synonymous with tea production. When we were on the south coast of Sri Lanka earlier this year, we discovered that near to where we […]

The Lens: Cultural Hanoi

Cultural Hanoi

The Lens: Highlighting a place with 3 separate images. People presume because I am an avid traveller I have knowledge on every town and city around the world. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Our visit to Hanoi was a perfect example. As we got on the bus in Dien Bien Phu I had no […]

Visiting Bohol Island, The Philippines

Bohol Island, The Philippines

  Part 2 of Two Paradise Islands to entice you to visit the Philippines After leaving Palawan (reluctantly I might add!), we headed to the second of our paradise islands: Bohol Island. It was my second visit to this lush island and I was happy to be back. I was last here in 2011 and […]