The perfect day in Galle, Sri Lanka

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Galle is one of the gems of Sri Lanka. With its tree lined streets, old colonial buildings and rich history, Galle is a must see if you visit this South Asian nation. It reminded us of Luang Prabang in Laos and Hoi An in Vietnam.

Day in Galle

Galle’s recent history includes stints by the Portuguese, Dutch and British but the area’s history stretches a lot further than colonial times. Persians, Arabs, Greeks, Romans, Malays, Indians and Chinese were trading with Galle long before the Portuguese turned up.

Day in Galle

Modern Galle is full of boutique hotels, cafes, shops and galleries owned by artists, writers, designers and photographers which gives the place a bohemian atmosphere. But Galle is not just a living museum. It is still a working city with local life rushing around like anywhere else. Leave the tranquility of the fort area and you are quickly met with the chaos, smells and buzz of your typical Asian city.

If you are planning to travel to this pretty town, watch our perfect day in Galle video to get some inspiration.

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    • Kim Graybiel says

      Thanks for showcasing
      the vibrant community of Galle, with its eclectic mix of cultures, historic sites, and lovely seaside setting, which we visited in 2010.

  1. Mohamed says

    I’m planning to go to Galle Fort for a day trip from Colombo. Planning to take an early morning bus from Maharagama and return at night.

    Would it be possible to check out the fort and then go to Jungle Beach on the same day, before returning to Colombo? Also how would I get from the Fort to Jungle Beach?

    • says

      Hey Mohamed, thanks for the comment. How are you getting back to Colombo? It would be a tight push. A tuk tuk would be your best best to get to Jungle beach. It would take around 20 / 30 mins from Galle.

  2. Chris says

    Thanks for the write-up on Galle. I am interested in visiting Galle together with some friends and just wondering how easy is it to get around the place? Do you have to make arrangement for your own transportation like renting or the hotel can easily get taxis, etc. for you? Thanks in advance!


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