• Finding Peace in Hiroshima

    Our first port of call in Japan was in Hiroshima. Read about how we and the city itself found peace in Hiroshima after utter devastation.more

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Finding peace in Hiroshima

Peace in Hiroshima

08:15 August 6th 1945 For a moment stop and imagine yourself going about your daily routine in the morning. The sky is blue and clear, you’re probably on your way to work, nothing out of the ordinary is going on. And then, at exactly 8.15am you see a bright light in the sky, you hear […]

Memories of early travels: Yekaterinburg Vlog

Yekaterinburg Vlog

Reaching Yekaterinburg was a real milestone for us. As the city is situated where the European and Asian continents meet, it meant that we had reached Asia without leaving the ground. Our first night did not get off to a great start because of our accommodation situation. Day 2 was a lot better though as […]

The Friday Photo Project | Angkor Wat Sunrise

Angkor Wat Sunrise

As we stumbled out of bed at 05:00 a.m and fumbled for our clothes in the dark the thought that kept popping in my head was this better be worth it. We got dressed and left our guesthouse at precisely 05:15 to meet our tuk tuk driver. He was his usual smiley self and full […]

How to find the most authentic food abroad: Eat Local

Eat Local

Before I started travelling extensively, I would devour travel magazines and books to get inspiration. A common favourite tale in these publications would be when the author got invited by a local to go and eat with them in their home. I would always be slightly dubious and would think to myself that these invites don’t really […]

Memories of early travels : St Petersburg Vlog

St Petersburg Vlog

Our second stop in Russia was the fantastic city of St Petersburg. Between Moscow and St Petersburg we prefered the latter. It has more of an edge to it and felt more rebellious. It is also very beautiful. We loved walking along the bridges over the gulf of Finland and watching the ships and boats […]

The Friday Photo Project | Leh


Leh City, India I had a chance to visit Leh City when the Nature Club of my college arrange an educational tour to this remote part of India. Tucked away in the mountain ranges of the Himalaya, this city has a unique culture that refreshes you thoroughly. Sitting pretty at the height of over 10,000ft, […]

A weekend in Sibiu, Europe’s hidden gem


  When we got invited to visit Sibiu by the local tourism board we both were unsure where it was located. All we knew was that it was in Romania. We had no idea of its history, size or if we would even like the place. Well after spending 3 amazing days there we can […]

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