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The Friday Photo Project | Lake District in autumn

Lake District in autumn

England is a beautiful country. With its picture postcard villages in the Cotswolds to the coves and beaches of Cornwall, you are never far from stunning landscapes on this green isle. We visited the Lake District in autumn a few years ago and it has to be one of the most beautiful places we have […]

Fantastic photos from Finland

Photos of Finland

They say a picture is worth a thousand words (I am not sure how I feel about that as writer). Well what better way to give the quote justice by showing you fantastic photos from Finland. Don’t worry readers, I have not abandoned my Shakespearean roots to become the next David Bailey but you can get […]

The Friday Photo Project | Tbex Conference Europe

tbex conference europe

Next week we are attending our 2nd Tbex conference in Athens, Greece. Tbex is the world’s largest gathering of travel bloggers, writers and new media creators. Last year it was held in Dublin, Ireland, hence today’s image.  Without a shadow of doubt, it was the best conference we ever attended. Not only did we learn […]

How we gatecrashed a Japanese pop stars wedding in Tokyo

Two Asahi please we asked the barman. No problem he said in perfect English. As we waited for our beers we looked around the bar and was impressed at how the clientele really took the night’s wedding theme to heart. We knew the Japanese liked dressing up but this was another level entirely. There were […]

The Friday Photo Project | Great Barrier Reef Diving

Reef Diving

One of the last places we visited on our 18 month trip was Australia. Probably not a wise move as we were broke and Australia is bloody expensive! Lucky enough we had friends and family to stay with from Perth to Melbourne. As avid scuba-diving fans we really wanted to dive the great barrier reef, […]

How I got bitten by a snake in Thailand

Bitten by a snake

It was another glorious sunny day in Pai, Thailand. We had been out all morning doing whatever we needed to do when really we had nothing to do at all. Ahhh, the freedom of travel. We jumped on our moped and headed back to our wonderful bungalow which was slightly out of town. The ride […]

The Friday Photo Project | San Pancho, Mexico

San Pancho, Mexico

Day one in San Pancho, Mexico brought us THIS sunset. Needless to say that we fell in love with the place straight away. We eventually lived in this wonderful little town for two months and every night we would head to the beach with all the other locals and watch spectacular sunsets whilst drinking the […]