Volunteering tips for travellers

Washing elephants in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Welcome to our Volunteering page. We add new volunteering opportunities on a weekly basis so check in regularly to find some great responsible volunteering opportunities abroad.

If you are considering volunteering abroad we highly recommend reading this fantastic book by award winning writer Shannon O’Donnell. It is full of practical tips that will help you get a deeper understanding of volunteering abroad. It asks the questions you never thought to ask about volunteering abroad and will help you make sure that your time spent volunteering will truly be of mutual benefit to both you and the organisation you are helping out.

You can also read this article by the wonderful People and Places: Key questions and answers before you volunteer


Volunteering in Asia

Swap Help in India

Swap Help in Indonesia

Swap Help in Japan

Swap Help in Malaysia

Swap Help in the Philippines

Swap Help in Thailand

Swap Help in Turkey

Volunteering in Australia

Swap Help in Australia


Volunteering in Europe

Swap Help in Albania

Swap Help in England

Swap Help in Greece

Swap Help in Portugal

Swap Help in Romania

Swap Help in Switzerland


Volunteering in North America

Swap Help in Costa Rica

Swap Help in Mexico

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Volunteering in South America

Swap Help in Bolivia

Swap Help in Brazil

Swap Help in Chile

Swap Help in Ecuador

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