Memories of early travels | Gobi Desert Vlog

Gobi Desert Vlog

We have had many memorable and meaningful moments on our travels but our time on the sand dunes in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia has to be up there in the top 3. We had arrived in the Gobi desert in the morning and vowed that we would watch sunset on top of the dunes that […]

Memories of early travels: Lake Baikal Vlog

Lake Baikal Vlog

  Our last stop in Russia before heading to Mongolia was the jaw dropping Lake Baikal. Out of all the places we visited in Russia, Lake Baikal was our favourite. It’s the world’s deepest lake holding a fifth of the world’s fresh water and is just under 700 km long. In the vlog below we […]

Memories of early travels: Trans Siberian Railway Vlog

Trans Siberian Railway Vlog

Riding on the Trans Siberian Railway has to be one of travels greatest journeys. It is certainly one of the highlights of our travels so far. If you ever have the chance to travel long distance by train, take it. It is the best way to travel. You don’t have to worry about excess baggage […]

Memories of early travels: Yekaterinburg Vlog

Yekaterinburg Vlog

Reaching Yekaterinburg was a real milestone for us. As the city is situated where the European and Asian continents meet, it meant that we had reached Asia without leaving the ground. Our first night did not get off to a great start because of our accommodation situation. Day 2 was a lot better though as […]

Memories of early travels : St Petersburg Vlog

St Petersburg Vlog

Our second stop in Russia was the fantastic city of St Petersburg. Between Moscow and St Petersburg we prefered the latter. It has more of an edge to it and felt more rebellious. It is also very beautiful. We loved walking along the bridges over the gulf of Finland and watching the ships and boats […]

Memories of early travels : Moscow Vlog

Photo Friday: Moscow Images

Welcome to our new Vlog Series! A few years ago we decided to quit our jobs, sell the house, sell the car and get rid of the cat (only joking about the car). We wanted to go traveling and see the world. Our aim was to travel overland from England to Asia which amazingly we […]