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work with us

globalhelpswap is a global travel blog focused on independent, responsible and meaningful travel. It is read by an engaged community of international global travellers.

What you seek

You want the appeal of your destination, brand or service to reach an engaged audience of independent travellers in a way that compels them to choose you over your competitors.

You want to expand the reach of your destination, brand or service so as to increase awareness among international, independent travellers.

You want to tell the story of your destination, brand or service in a way that creates a connection with your target market.

What we offer

We can help you achieve this through sharing your story with a community of international, independent travellers. Our readers use blogs like ours to conduct research on their next destination, the key activities they will pursue, and the kit and services they will purchase for their trip.

How we can do this

There are various services that we offer to help you reach and influence your target market.

Advertising & Sponsorships

We offer a limited amount of advertising and sponsorship opportunities to companies we believe are a good fit with our readers. If your brand can offer value to our readers we would be delighted to talk more about how we could work together to promote your brand.

Press trips

The best advice comes from someone who’s been there. We love to visit destinations and share our experience with our readers and we often receive comments such as

“I was not planning to visit but this post has changed my mind”.

If you would like us to write about your destination we are open to discussing ideas on how we could best experience your destination and share the story with our readers.

Here are some examples of our work from recent press trips:

Two Paradise Islands to Entice you to Visit The Philippines

Things to do in Lleida, Spain

Barcelona Sightseeing

Product and Service Reviews

From cameras to Whale Watching activities – we love writing about our experience with a product or service. We share our candid thoughts with our readers to help them make a better-informed decision when making their purchase.

We are also open to hosting competitions to let our readers experience your product or service.

Here are some examples of our most recent brand campaigns:

Green Sri Lanka: Cinnamon Wild, Yala

8 reasons why we love skiing in Les Arcs, France

Who we have worked with

work with us

Social Media Campaigns

Discover how to get raving fans without paying for likes or follows. We are masters of building an audience from scratch on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Contact us to discover how we can do the same for you – [email protected]


We are engaging speakers who will leave your audience inspired and motivated.

As a business psychologist Karen regularly speaks in large organisations, while Paul’s actor training gives him the perfect skills to compel your audience.

We are available to give talks or run training courses worldwide.

Why us

Our mission:

Our mission is to share this wonderful world with our readers so that they are inspired to visit new places, take memorable adventures and travel in a meaningful way.

Our values

When we travel we try to experience a destination from a local’s perspective.

From staying in homestays or family owned establishments to eating at local markets and travelling on local transport. We love to shop at ethically run, local shops and enjoy learning new local skills. We also try to volunteer in an area if we are staying there for an extended period. (Our site also promotes free volunteering projects around the world).

Who we are

We are Paul and Karen, a couple in our mid-thirties, with an insatiable passion for travel.

Karen is a business psychologist by profession and travels to near and distant parts of the world delivering workshops to global organizations. Paul worked as a retail manager in London before starting to work full time on globalhelpswap.

In 2010 we fulfilled a life-long dream and took an 18-month sabbatical to travel around the world. We left London on a train and made it to South East Asia without taking a single plane. Our adventure was an experience that inspired to birth of globalhelpswap.

Why work with us

We take our job seriously and work hard to deliver great results for our clients. We are professional, reliable, and easy to work with.

We have an endless capacity for enthusiasm. We are able to spot the little things that create magic in our world and tell a story that conveys that magic to our readers.

Media Kit

If you would like our media kit please contact us at: [email protected]