Memories of early travels | Beijing Vlog

Beijing Vlog

We arrived in Beijing on the first day of National Holiday which meant there were thousands upon thousands of people milling around Beijing train station. It was the complete opposite of what we had just come from in Mongolia. We were excited to be back in a big city though and there was a real […]

The Friday Photo Project | Manhattan Skyline, New York, New York

Manhattan Skyline

  Even though I love the wilderness, I am a city boy at heart. I love the variety that only a city can offer. From all the entertainment options to the rich mix of people you find in any world city. I believe there are only 2 true world cities. London where I live and […]

Inspirational travel quotes to make you want to travel more

Travel Quotes

We love travel, no scrap that we are actually addicted to travel. So much so that we love reading travel quotes. Here is our travel quote list to get you inspired to travel more. Bon Voyage! Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the […]

Memories of early travels | Gobi Desert Vlog

Gobi Desert Vlog

We have had many memorable and meaningful moments on our travels but our time on the sand dunes in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia has to be up there in the top 3. We had arrived in the Gobi desert in the morning and vowed that we would watch sunset on top of the dunes that […]

The Friday Photo Project | Banaue, Philippines

Banaue, Philippines

  Banaue, Philippines is world-famous for its Unesco World Heritage Sites, The Batad Rice Terraces and the Bangaan Rice Terraces. These rice terraces are truly spectacular and a must see if you visit the Philippines. We visited a few years ago with some friends and was blown away by the engineering skill in creating these […]

10 reasons why we don’t swim with dolphins in captivity

Swim with Dolphins

Some of the most memorable experiences we have had on our travels involve animals. From snorkelling with whales sharks in Donsol, The Philippines to sitting with orangutans in Sumatra, Indonesia. They were all magical moments with the one common thread: All of the animals were in their own natural habitat, with us observing from a […]

Memories of early travels | Mongolian Steppes Vlog

Mongolian Steppes Vlog

Day 1 of 14. We had been on the “road” for a few hours when we came across this view. When I say road, what I really mean is dirt track. The new motorway was literally being built in front of us as we passed by in our old Russian van. Even though we had […]

The Friday Photo Project | Roman Roads

Roman Roads

It’s funny how you don’t visit a country for a while and then all of a sudden you visit it many times in a short space of time. This is what has happened with me and Italy. I visited Rome last November, Tuscany in June and I will be in Venice and Rome again in […]

Eco Friendly Finland | Country of the thousand lakes

Eco Friendly Finland

In the next two weeks I will be heading to Finland to explore the lake region of Saimaa. I will be joined by 7 other bloggers on this eco-friendly trip where we will be trekking, fishing and kayaking in this pristine wilderness. Finland has been on my bucket list for a while so to say […]

Memories of early travels: Lake Baikal Vlog

Lake Baikal Vlog

  Our last stop in Russia before heading to Mongolia was the jaw dropping Lake Baikal. Out of all the places we visited in Russia, Lake Baikal was our favourite. It’s the world’s deepest lake holding a fifth of the world’s fresh water and is just under 700 km long. In the vlog below we […]

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