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This week’s book is very close to my heart. I love reading about pioneering women in history who chose not to be limited by society’s conventions, who bravely trail-blazed their own path and left their mark in history. In a time when extreme gender inequality was an ever-present reality for most women, it must have taken much courage and strength to break free. This is certainly true of Freya Stark, one of the first female explorers.


Passionate Nomad: The Life of Freya Stark by Jane Fletcher Jeniesse

While Freya Stark wrote over two dozen books herself (which will be featured in the future) this one is different in that it shares a narrative of her life based on the author’s research and letters that Stark wrote herself. The book takes you on the epic adventure that was Freya’s life.  Not always rosy but ceaselessly interesting, you find out how Freya became the first westerner to explore parts of Iran, how she helped the British create a propaganda network from Cairo to Baghdad and how she became the first woman to be invited into the Royal Geographic Society amongst many other achievements. The strength of this 1920’s adventuress is balanced by an honest account of crippling self-esteem that reassures the reader that perfection is not a pre-requisite for greatness.

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Have you read this book. What did you think?

What other travel related books are in your ‘must read’ list. We would love it if you recommended a book. Just send us the title and a short description and we will feature it on our blog.

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