The Trinco Blu Hotel, Trincomalee, Sri Lanka – The ultimate chill out hotel

Which bed shall we lie on? The one by the ocean or the one by the pool? How about the day-bed next to our bungalow? Did you bring the books? These were the type of highly stressful questions we had to ask ourselves each day at the Trinco Blu Hotel, Trincomalee. We had truly found the ultimate chill out hotel and we were going to make the most of it.

The Trinco Blu Hotel, Trincomalee


The Trinco Blu Hotel, Trincomalee

Our lovely room

In all our years of travel, Karen and I had never just stayed in a hotel without ever leaving. It’s not our way. We love to discover new towns and meet local people. However, when you are staying in a beautiful room right on the beach, then it becomes quite hard to leave. Especially when you have that beautiful beach practically to yourselves.

The Trinco Blu Hotel, Trincomalee


Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of things to do at the Trinco Blu Hotel. You can go scuba diving in the nearby crystal clear waters or whale watching with one of the hotels naturalists. If the idea of snorkelling off a desert island tickles your fancy, then nearby Pigeon Island is the one for you.

Apart from stressing what bed to get a suntan on the other major decision of the day was where and what to eat. The Trinco Blu Hotel has two restaurant choices; The Crab which is right on the beach and has the most amazing curry Crab (no surprises there then) or the main restaurant that serves up a nightly buffet with more choices than grains of sand. Okay, maybe not that many but there is a lot to choose from. The food at the hotel is amazing. For us to stay in one place for a week and not venture out to discover the local eateries says a hell of a lot.

The Trinco Blu Hotel, Trincomalee

Karen cooks a crab, I get to eat it. A good deal if you ask me!

Even though we never left the hotel we still had interaction with locals. Every morning we would watch the local fishermen heave their nets in from the night’s catch. It was a great spectacle. It would take around 10 men to bring in the heavy nets. While they were doing this, the birds would be swooping down to have their breakfast. I suppose it’s only fair that they have their share. I am not sure what the fishermen would say to that though.

The Trinco Blu Hotel, Trincomalee

The Trinco Blu Hotel, Trincomalee

Our day would consist of breakfast, chatting to the fishermen, a swim, reading, an extended lunch, a nap, a swim, a walk on the beach, dinner, drinks at the bar and then a night-cap at the end of the walkway looking up at the stars. As there is very little light pollution in the area, the night sky would be spectacular.

The Trinco Blu Hotel, Trincomalee

The chairs we would watch the stars from

I did tell you that this is the ultimate chill out hotel. Just writing this is making me want to go back and recreate our experience. We never normally go back to the same place but for the Trinco Blu Hotel, we can make an exception.

The Trinco Blu Hotel, Trincomalee

Now, what bed did you say again?

If you would like to stay at the Trinco Blu Hotel, then you can book direct from here. Just click the link below:

Trinco Blu Hotel Booking

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More images from the Trinco Blu Hotel, Trincomalee

The Trinco Blu Hotel, Trincomalee

The Trinco Blu Hotel, Trincomalee

The Trinco Blu Hotel, Trincomalee

The Trinco Blu Hotel, Trincomalee


We were kindly invited to Sri Lanka by Cinnamon Hotels and Sri Lankan Airlines. As always, opinions are our own. 

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