The Friday Photo Project | San Diego Bay Sunset

San Diego Bay Sunset

Have you ever really sat and watched a sunset, alone?

On my recent trip to San Diego, after a first day of orienting myself with the new city, as evening approached I sat myself on a bench looking out over the water. It was my first sunset and I just let myself get swept away in it. As the infrequent passerby paused to stand and stare with me I couldn’t help but smile and buzz with an immense feeling of contentedness. It was breathtaking and magical as vivid oranges, perfect pinks and soft yellows blended to paint the sky as the sun took her bow.

Sitting there for what felt like a peaceful eternity I could feel my muscles soften, my heart rate ease and an amazing calmness wash over me. I felt connected to the earth, my surroundings and to nature. I captured that moment with this photo and even caught a bird in flight against the stunning sunset backdrop!

Its moments and memories like this that inspire me to live life to the fullest!

Thank you Stephanie for sharing your photo and thoughts on your San Diego Bay Sunset.

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