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Finding zen diving the great barrier reef

One of the last places we visited on our 18 month trip was Australia. Probably not a wise move as we were broke and Australia is bloody expensive! Lucky enough we had friends and family to stay with from Perth to Melbourne. As avid scuba-diving fans we really wanted to dive the great barrier reef, but because we were so broke we were really considering missing out on this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Then the words of our good friend David kicked in. “If you really want to do something and think you can’t afford it. DO IT, and when you get home then you can worry about the money. You will regret it if you don’t”. He was so right. David had just come back from his travels when he gave us that advice and if we did not take it, the photo above would not exist.

David, we owe you a drink because diving the great barrier reef will live with us forever. We lived on a boat for 3 days that had exclusive diving permits for the outer reef. That means we were the only divers in the area which makes a huge difference when you are underwater. The inner reefs are packed with snorkelers and beginner divers so if you are diving here for the first time and you are experienced, try to find a company that goes out to the outer reefs. Reef diving is such a beautiful experience. You get to observe nature at it’s most flamboyant.

Just after Karen took this shot, a few white-tipped reef sharks swam by which was brilliant. (To all the non-divers out there. Divers LOVE sharks!) We highly recommend you learn to dive when you travel as it literally opens up a new world for you to explore.

To all our readers and fellow bloggers. If you would like to take part in The Friday Photo Project, please send us in 1 photo and a short story (about 200 words) of what the photo means to you and we would be happy to feature you! Please send to paul at



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