Why Mirissa beach is our favourite beach in Sri Lanka

Mirissa beach

Sri Lanka is not short of stunning beaches. With a coastline that is over 1,585 km long it is not hard to find your own spot of tropical paradise. We visited quite a few beaches during our stay and decided that Mirissa beach was our favourite.

Before we list the reasons why it’s our favourite beach, why not see if yourself in the video below:

Mirissa beach is stunning with a lovely laid back vibe. Below are another 6 reasons why we found it hard to leave.


The great thing about staying in Mirissa beach is that almost all the accommodation is made up of guesthouses run by local families. Most of them are located on the streets just off from the beach and most offer a free breakfast. We would advise you to skip the free breakfasts and head to one of the many cafe’s scattered around the town.

Calm Waters

Mirissa beach

We visited Mirissa in February and the ocean was calm for the 7 days that we stayed. There is a reef not too far out from the shore that is great for beginner or intermediate surfers.

Free Sunbeds

Okay, even if we had to pay for them we would have still loved Mirissa but the money you save from the sunbeds can be spent on more Lion beer!


Mirissa beach

Our favourite place to have lunch was The Dewmini Roti Shop. Like the guesthouses it is just off from the main road in one of the side streets. They make the most delicious savoury and sweet roti’s at dirt cheap prices. One day we even had their daughter play the violin for us as we ate! She recognized us from our guesthouse as she was friends with the owner’s daughter so she decided to put on a show for us. It was so sweet.

Sunsets from the rock

Mirissa beach

Mirissa beach

Even though it took us 5 days to get up to the rock to watch sunset (we were ultra chilled out!) once we did we were smitten. As I write this I am instantly transported back to that moment and I can hear the waves crashing on the rocks below me and feel the sun on my face.

Cheap Drinks

We would spend all day down at the beach. After the sun dipped below the ocean we would head to one of the many beach bars offering cheap drinks for a few hours. We never bothered to head back to our guesthouse to get changed and neither did anyone else by the looks of it. After having a few beers or cocktails we would then end the day by having a delicious feast.

Fresh fish and seafood on the beach

This would be our nightly ritual and was the highlight of our day. Almost all the restaurants on the beach would set up stands with the day’s catch. We would walk along checking out who had the freshest fish (check the eyes and gills) and then sit down and wash it all down with an ice cold bottle of white wine.

That is why Mirissa beach was our favourite in Sri Lanka. It had the perfect mix of chilled out vibes with a hint of a party. I am talking more reggae style party than drum and bass though.

Have you been to Sri Lanka? Where was your favourite beach?

Mirissa Beach

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  1. Jacob says

    Great write and video. I had asked some friends who were there last Feb. about beaches and whatnot (I mentioned the beautiful Hikkaduwa Beach) and she told me about Mirissa Beach. Read some bad reviews about the beach boys and parties and can be a tad sketchy. But your write up shows the other side. Thanks.


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