Meet the bloggers

Meet the bloggers

Meet the bloggers

If you have been reading our Ireland trilogy you would have noticed that I mentioned fellow bloggers quite a bit. One of the highlights of the trip was meeting such like-minded people. Even though the trip was less than a week, I feel that I have made lifelong friends. The great thing about travel bloggers is that they er, travel! I have already met some of the bloggers again back here in London and next month will meet a few more at the World Travel Market. So (drum roll, please) meet the bloggers:

Alison Chino – Alison is an American currently living in Scotland with her family. She writes about travel, food, expat life and books.

Alyssa Rempe & Jonathan Merrill – Alyssa & Jonathan have been travelling around Europe all summer. Having gave up their old lives back in America they are travelling the world seeking adventure and inspiration. We know that feeling!

Andrew Wahba – Andrew writes about getting off the tourist track and integrating with the local community. It is about exploring and experiencing culture away from the gift shops and the tourist traps. It is also another great site with links to volunteering opportunities.

Brandon Elijah Scott – Brandon Elijah Scott is a travel writer, photographer and film maker. Brandon has been travelling around Europe since April. He is currently in Iceland taking amazing photos of that beautiful country. After that he is returning to America to start a road trip.

Chris Williams – Chris writes all about manly travel. The great outdoors, sports and crazy activities, Chris is your man. He is also a firefighter too (how cool is that!).

Jasper Ribbers – Jasper has been on the road since 2010. After quitting his job he is searching for (and finding) his lifelong dream: Ultimate Freedom.

Julien Routil – Julien writes travel guides and makes awesome videos. He is about to open a hostel in Lyon his home town so keep an eye out for the grand opening!

Leif Pettersen – Leif is a freelance travel writer, humorist, wino and world traveller (what’s not to like!). He has lived in Spain, Italy and Romania and has written for Lonely Planet.

Linda Wainwright – Linda is based on the 2nd smallest island of the Canary Islands. 3 years ago she lost her job and decided to do the four things she always wanted to do – travel, write, take photos and do volunteer work. We are happy to say that she is ticking them off!

Mariellen Ward – Mariellen writes a India-inspired, meaningful adventure travel blog. She traveled to India for 6 months in 2005 on a trip that changed her life.

Peter Parkorr – Peter is a digital nomad writing about interesting people, long-term travel and superhumans!

Scott Lillico – After 10 years in a cubicle, Scott followed his dream of becoming a world traveller, venturing into ancient and modern sites of the world, and pushing personal limits of exploration.

Steve Haenisch – Steve is a videographer, photographer and blogger. He writes about backpacking and creates great video blogs.

Susan McKee – Susan is an independent scholar and freelance journalist specializing in history, culture and travel.

Susi Maier – Susi is slowly ticking off all of her dream destinations (i.e. Planet Earth!). Join her on her journey of discovery.

Tammy Burns – Tammy is not only a travel blogger but also a travel magazine editor so she writes from both sides of the fence. We both have many similar addictions: travel and red wine come to mind!

Tobias Rast – Tobias is a writer, photographer and videographer. He writes about small world trips. What is that I hear you ask? Click the link to find out!

Tom Fakler & Anita Lee Breland – Tom & Anita are long-time expats and avid “boomer” travelers. Based in Switzerland, they are always on the lookout for new adventures, new cultures to explore, and unfamiliar foods to learn to love.

Meet the bloggers

Please check out my fellow bloggers. They all write about different aspects of travel and I am sure you will get inspired to hit the road once you have read a few posts.

Have a great day.

Peace & Love,



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  1. firsttimetravel says

    This is wonderful! I hope to meet like-minded people who are also into travelling and helping communities. :)

  2. says

    May I say how great it was to meet all of you too! May not be up to the pace you set in the evenings, but it was a delight to meet every one of you guys, and very much hope our paths cross again in the future! Thanks for the kind words, Paul!
    Linda recently posted…Slowing the Pace in La GomeraMy Profile


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