How it worksHow it works

globalhelpswap helps volunteers and those in need of a helping hand search for and find each other! Just like cupid.

The process is extremely simple. Here are the easy steps you can take to volunteer for some amazing projects, or find a helping hand from our wonderful volunteers.


Simple Steps for Hosts

Simple Steps for Volunteers

  1. Sign-up
  2. Create profile describing project
  3. Respond to interested volunteers
  4. Host volunteers
  5. Rate volunteers
  6. Please give preference to verified volunteers (they are the ones who keep globalhelpswap alive)


  1. Sign-up
  2. Make a donation to have your profile verified and get preference with our hosts. Whilst this step is optional – we want Globalhelswap to be accesible to everyone, your donation will be very much appreciated as it will help us keep the site running.
  3. Create your profile, describing your skills
  4. Search for hosts and contact your chosen ones
  5. Volunteer and have a great experience
  6. Rate your host



Delicious details for hosts

Here are more details and general guidelines for our hosts

  1. Please give as much detail as possible about your project on your profile so that volunteers have a clear idea of what to expect.
  2. We appreciate that all projects have different requirements, however as a guideline we recommend giving volunteers free food and accommodation in exchange for 20 – 25 hours of work a week.
  3. Please specify any ‘house rules’ (e.g. no meat, no alcohol, no smoking) so that volunteers are well aware of them.
  4. Please keep in mind that globalhelpswap is set up to provide an enriching experience for both hosts and volunteers, rather than as a source of free workers. Help volunteers experience the local culture. Where possible, some tips on what to do or see in the area are always much appreciated.
  5. Once volunteers have stayed with you, it would be very useful to rate your experience with them so that other hosts know what to expect.
  6. As many volunteers will be travelling from overseas please try to give them as much notice as possible if your requirements change.
  7. Most of our hosts do not charge a fee, and when they do we make sure that the fee is not set up to profit from volunteers. If you do charge a fee it is essential that you make it known on your profile, otherwise volunteers will not be expected to pay it.
  8. We urge you to give preference to volunteers whose profiles have been verified (there is a √ sign with ‘Verified’ under their name. This means that volunteers made a donation to this website and are helping to keep it going.

Delicious details for volunteers

Here are more details on what to expect when you volunteer.

  1. In most cases charities, NGO’s and hosts will provide accommodation and food in exchange for a set amount of hours of volunteering a week. It is different for each opportunity so the volunteer and host will have to communicate beforehand so both parties know what to expect.
  2. It is important for the volunteer to get as much information from the host as possible. We learnt the hard way that if you don’t, the expectations from host to volunteer can differ enormously!
  3. Remember to contact the hosts at least 1 month in advance as a lot of the opportunities will be in remote places where electricity and internet connections are infrequent.
  4. It is best for the volunteer to enter this adventure with an open mind. In most cases you will be sleeping in very basic accommodation and eating simple food. In return you will be helping people that really need it and you will be living like a local which is an incredibly enriching experience.
  5. globalhelpswap is not an agency, we only provide the information to allow hosts and volunteers to contact each other. The volunteer will have to organise with the host when to go, their own transport and visas.
  6. Some organisations may ask for a small fee to help contribute to the food and living costs. We have chosen our hosts carefully to make sure that every opportunity we advertise is focused on ‘swapping help’ rather than profiting financially from volunteers. In most cases the amount that the organisation is asking for is very low so we encourage you not to disregard these opportunities just because they are asking for a small fee.
  7. Please share your experience on our website to give other potential volunteers a true reflection of what they can expect from the hosts.