How to get one step closer to freedom

How to get one step closer to freedom

How to get one step closer to freedom

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is what did we do with all of our stuff when we went travelling for 18 months. Well we were lucky enough to store it at my parents place as they have a big garage. However it was not as easy as it seems. They live over 150 miles away so it was a 300 mile round trip to our place. The van was loaded to the brim full of heavy boxes that we carried all day up and down staircases almost breaking our backs in the process and you know what? We did not need to keep half the stuff we packed!!

How to get one step closer to freedom

Backpack weight = 20kg. On a packed train in China = Not good!

I really wish we had hooked up with our new friends Married with Luggage before we left! You see they completely de-cluttered their lives a few years ago. They literally sold everything, saved the cash and went travelling. They have not looked back since!

There are so many benefits to having less stuff. It took me around 3 weeks into our 18 month trip to realize this as I carried my heavy backpack around steaming hot cities.

If you are thinking of travelling for quite a while and you don’t have parents with a huge garage, storing your stuff can be expensive. Obviously the more stuff your store the more you pay.

Now if you sold some of that stuff, you can make money to help fund your trip and pay less on storage fees.

Before we packed our backpacks we put everything out for the trip on our bed and halved it. Now I realize we could have easily halved it again. As we progressed on our trip we slowly started to get rid of stuff we did not need. I also realized that I did not miss any of my possessions back home. Living out of a backpack was so liberating.

How to get one step closer to freedom

Heavy backpack = Bad back!

Now when I travel, I hardly take any clothes. I would rather buy some clothes from a local when I get to my destination. You also save on the dreaded airline weight restrictions. As we mostly travelled by train on our trip we forgot about weight restrictions that airlines impose. We were flying from Ho Chi Minh City to Manila to meet friends from Europe and we literally had to wear half our of clothes to get our backpacks lighter. We looked a right sight walking through customs with 5 layers of clothes on. Check out the image below.

How to get one step closer to freedom

Flying from Vietnam to The Philippines = Weight restriction nightmare!

Before we travelled Karen & I were hoarders. Like everyone else, we loved to buy stuff. The trouble is, buying stuff slowly takes over. In the end you seem to be only working to buy more stuff. Let’s be honest, how much stuff do we really need?

We found out the hard way that you don’t need as much as you imagine. Since then, travelling has freed us from the need for possessions. We have used the concept of travelling light, in our own home. Now we use Martin Lewis’s mantras: If you are broke: Do I need it? Can I afford it? If you are not broke: Will I use it? Is it worth it?

We have a clutter free home (as I write this all that there is on my desk is my laptop) and more importantly we have clutter free minds. There are countless studies on the benefits of living clutter free. Peoples minds become more open and creative. Just for that fact alone should make decluttering your life a priority.

How to get one step closer to freedom

How I like to travel now

We really had not figured any of this out when we travelled and we suffered for it. Warren & Betsy from Married With Luggage have a course called the Declutter Clinic. I wish we took this course before we travelled. It really will change your life for the better.

If you would like to sign up for the course you can do so by clicking the link below:

Declutter Clinic
Click here to view more details
Disclaimer: globalhelpswap receives 50% of all sales for the Declutter Clinic course by you booking it through our site. All opinions are, as always, our own.

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Have a great day everyone!

Peace & Love



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