Video: A day touring Ishigaki Island, Okinawa, Japan

Ishigaki Island, Okinawa, Japan

Ishigaki Island, Okinawa, Japan We recently visited the wonderful Japanese island of Ishigaki. While we were there we visited the beaches, tried the delicious local cuisine, drank sake at 09:30 in the morning, wore ancient costumes, listened to traditional music and created our own local cloth. Check out our video below to see us in […]

Video: What to do in Istanbul

What to do in Istanbul

If you have trouble viewing this video click here: Watch me on Youtube We recently had a week in the wonderful city of Istanbul. What we found was a city full of vibrance, history, food and fun. We instantly fell in love with the place and it’s people and declared that we could easily live there. […]

Why Mirissa beach is our favourite beach in Sri Lanka

Mirissa beach

Sri Lanka is not short of stunning beaches. With a coastline that is over 1,585 km long it is not hard to find your own spot of tropical paradise. We visited quite a few beaches during our stay and decided that Mirissa beach was our favourite. Before we list the reasons why it’s our favourite […]

Visiting a tea plantation in Sri Lanka

Visiting a tea plantation in Sri Lanka

  Sri Lanka is famous the world over for its fine white sand beaches, delicious food, love for cricket and of course tea. Ceylon, Sri Lanka’s former colonial name is still synonymous with tea production. When we were on the south coast of Sri Lanka earlier this year, we discovered that near to where we […]

The perfect day in Galle, Sri Lanka

Day in Galle

Authentic Travel Galle is one of the gems of Sri Lanka. With its tree lined streets, old colonial buildings and rich history, Galle is a must see if you visit this South Asian nation. It reminded us of Luang Prabang in Laos and Hoi An in Vietnam. Galle’s recent history includes stints by the Portuguese, […]

Memories of early travels | Beijing Vlog

Beijing Vlog

We arrived in Beijing on the first day of National Holiday which meant there were thousands upon thousands of people milling around Beijing train station. It was the complete opposite of what we had just come from in Mongolia. We were excited to be back in a big city though and there was a real […]

Memories of early travels | Gobi Desert Vlog

Gobi Desert Vlog

We have had many memorable and meaningful moments on our travels but our time on the sand dunes in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia has to be up there in the top 3. We had arrived in the Gobi desert in the morning and vowed that we would watch sunset on top of the dunes that […]