The Quiet Side of Ibiza

Quiet Side of Ibiza

Ibiza is synonymous with turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, beach clubs and …dare I say it, parties…loads of them. The annual summer invasion of around 6-7 million tourists is slowly but surely leaving its mark on the island and its environment, particularly in the south of the island. What many do not know is that […]

Where to find free tapas in Barcelona

Where to find free tapas in Barcelona

This is a guest post by Siobhan a writer and student currently living in Barcelona, Spain. Throughout many parts of Spain, it is customary for bars to offer free tapas when a customer purchases a drink. Unfortunately in Barcelona these bars are a lot harder to come by. They do exist; you just have to know where […]

Things to do in Lleida, Spain

Things to do in Lleida

Magical nature in the Pyrenees. Everybody thinks they know Spain. From big cities like Barcelona and Madrid to islands like Ibiza to Tenerife, we all have our own version of Spain in our minds. The more I visit this wonderful country the more I realise how diverse it is. I recently visited the Pyrenees for […]

Barcelona Sightseeing by Bicycle

Barcelona Sightseeing

There are some cities that you instantly fall in love with. London, San Francisco and Paris were my early loves. More recent additions are Istanbul, Luang Prabang and Barcelona. I first discovered Barcelona in 2008 and vowed that I would live there at some point. That is still to happen but it will one day. […]