Löyly: The best public sauna in Helsinki, Finland

Löyly: The best public sauna in Helsinki, Finland

The Baltic Sea in January. Normally in Helsinki it is frozen over but tonight I am “lucky” as it is not quite so cold. As I gingerly walk towards the steps leading down to the inky blackness, steam is coming off me. Dave my companion in this mad adventure is already in the sea and […]

Fantastic photos from Finland

Photos of Finland

They say a picture is worth a thousand words (I am not sure how I feel about that as writer). Well what better way to give the quote justice by showing you fantastic photos from Finland. Don’t worry readers, I have not abandoned my Shakespearean roots to become the next David Bailey but you can get […]

Discover Lake Saimaa in Finland

Lake Saimaa

Getting back to nature in Finland’s wilderness If you are considering getting away from it all this autumn, Lake Saimaa in Finland could be the place for you. Being Europe’s 4th largest lake there are plenty of places to find peace and inspiration with stupendous views around every corner. With friendly locals, great food and […]

Things to do in Finland in the summer

Things to do in Finland

  Finland: A winter wonderland where you can ski, drive over frozen lakes and visit Father Christmas whilst observing the Northern Lights. These used to be my first things that came to mind whenever I thought about this pristine wilderness. However, after my recent visit, I now know that Finland is also a brilliant place […]

Eco Friendly Finland | Country of the thousand lakes

Eco Friendly Finland

In the next two weeks I will be heading to Finland to explore the lake region of Saimaa. I will be joined by 7 other bloggers on this eco-friendly trip where we will be trekking, fishing and kayaking in this pristine wilderness. Finland has been on my bucket list for a while so to say […]