Shipwrecked on Bamboo Island, Cambodia

Bamboo Island, Cambodia

Karen ran towards a bungalow, I on the other had wisely ran into the ocean knowing that our hunter would not dare go in there. My decision proved to be the right course of action as the beast chased Karen. Luckily for her, the hunter stopped at the steps of the bungalow and did not […]

5 mins with: Sam Veasna Centre

Sam Veasna Centre

This week’s responsible tourism interview is with the inspiring Sam Veasna Centre, a wildlife and conservation NGO based in Cambodia. They provide wildlife viewing trips in exclusive areas of Cambodia. Their goal is to provide an alternative sustainable livelihood from ecotourism for the local communities at the sites that they operate in (from reading their answers, […]

The Friday Photo Project | Bamboo Island, Cambodia

Bamboo Island, Cambodia

The Friday Photo Project | Bamboo Island, Cambodia When you travel for an extended amount of time you end up visiting places that you had never heard of when you first began your journey. Bamboo Island in Cambodia is one such place. We had no idea what to expect as we got on the boat […]

The Friday Photo Project | Angkor Wat Sunrise

Angkor Wat Sunrise

As we stumbled out of bed at 05:00 a.m and fumbled for our clothes in the dark the thought that kept popping in my head was this better be worth it. We got dressed and left our guesthouse at precisely 05:15 to meet our tuk tuk driver. He was his usual smiley self and full […]