The best Eco Hotels in Sri Lanka

Eco Hotels in Sri Lanka

Follow my blog with Bloglovin   Sri Lanka is becoming one of the world’s leading eco destinations with hotels and tour companies practicing sustainable tourism more and more. This benefits the local economy, the environment and the wildlife. It also benefits you, the tourist, because when you travel in a more sustainable way your holiday […]

Say hello in different languages

hello in different languages

Hello! Our favourite thing whilst travelling is talking to local people about their country and life in general. I must admit I am not that great at languages, Karen is a lot better than me but learning to simply say hello in different languages can get the ball rolling. Once you have made an effort, […]

Wellness Travel: 8 meaningful holidays to take this year

Wellness Travel: 8 meaningful holidays to take this year

January, that time of year where we all decide that THIS is the year that we are going to achieve all our goals. From losing weight to learning new skills, we all start the year with resolutions of some sort. Travel can help us achieve some of these goals, especially if we are “forced” to […]