Amazing Places To Volunteer With Animals Abroad

Places To Volunteer With Animals Abroad

Planet Earth is home to more than 8 million species. Now I know us humans like to think we are the only ones on this ball of rock but like it or not we have to share our world with others. Sadly on our travels we have seen animals suffering in so many ways. From […]

The Top 10 Galle Hotels, Sri Lanka

Galle Hotels

Galle is one of our most favourite places in Sri Lanka, it has interesting history, great restaurants and the old town is so pretty it looks like a postcard. If you are heading to Sri Lanka then we highly recommend staying for at least a few nights in Galle. Below are the Top 10 Galle […]

The best Eco Hotels in Sri Lanka

Eco Hotels in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is becoming one of the world’s leading eco destinations with eco friendly hotels and tour companies practicing sustainable tourism more and more. This benefits the local economy, the environment and the wildlife. It also benefits you, the tourist, because when you travel in a more sustainable way your holiday becomes a lot more […]

Say hello in different languages

hello in different languages

Hello! Our favourite thing whilst travelling is talking to local people about their country and life in general. I must admit I am not that great at languages, Karen is a lot better than me but learning to simply say hello in different languages can get the ball rolling. Once you have made an effort, […]

Top things to do on Iriomote Island, Japan

Iriomote Island Japan

The current of the river was slowly pushing my kayak along. I was ahead of my fellow travellers so I had this stretch of river to myself. The peace and tranquility enveloped me and I let my mind wander for a while. I needed the break as I had kayaked for 30 mins, trekked a […]

The Quiet Side of Ibiza

Quiet Side of Ibiza

Ibiza is synonymous with turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, beach clubs and …dare I say it, parties…loads of them. The annual summer invasion of around 6-7 million tourists is slowly but surely leaving its mark on the island and its environment, particularly in the south of the island. What many do not know is that […]

10 places to make you fall in love with the earth

10 places to make you fall in love with the earth

As Lennon and McCartney said all you need is love and as this is the month of love we thought we would share 10 places to make you fall in love with the earth. Now, this is no scientific experiment and we can’t say we have seen all of the planet either but these 10 […]

Löyly: The best public sauna in Helsinki, Finland

Löyly: The best public sauna in Helsinki, Finland

The Baltic Sea in January. Normally in Helsinki it is frozen over but tonight I am “lucky” as it is not quite so cold. As I gingerly walk towards the steps leading down to the inky blackness, steam is coming off me. Dave my companion in this mad adventure is already in the sea and […]