100 Job Challenge


100 Job Challenge

So I have just arrived to meet Paul at google HQ and it’s awesome, such a cool place to work…I could get used to this! My first task of the day is to write this blog, so here it goes!

Ok so why am I here? Well I have been unwell since October 2013 with a rare condition called a Migraine Variant Balance Disorder. It meant that I had to leave a job where I had spent 4 years working my way up the ladder. Now that I am well enough to work again, I am back to square one of what I want to do for work (as you can imagine I have had a lot of time to think about life, and how I want to spend it). As someone who is a self-confessed workaholic, I have now had the catastrophic reality check that work is not the most important thing in the world. I am working on trying to live a more balanced life, where I get to spend time with friends and family and doing things that I enjoy. I used to think that I was indestructible, and had to work my way up in the world to be a ‘someone’. Now I realise that without my health I am no one, so for me my health is and always will be my priority from now on. I should probably also explain that it is actually stress that caused my condition, I was diagnosed with stress and memory loss 3 times in the months leading up to October 2013, but the doctor didn’t seem to be concerned – so why should I be? Anyway it turns out that I wasn’t listening to the warning signs, so the universe had to come up with something that I had no choice but to listen to!

100 Job Challenge

Paul & I hard at work!


I found it difficult to read, write, my speech was slurred. My head felt like it wasn’t attached and was floating…I know very strange! My mind was foggy which made it so difficult to think and my memory was seriously affected. I have never felt like I did for that year and a half, so I have nothing to compare it to – but the only way I can describe it is like being in a computer game, I felt like I wasn’t really here and nothing was real (although I knew it was).

100 Job Challenge

I found Transcendental Meditation in December 2014, which I wanted to try as it gives the brain a deeper rest than it would ever get during sleep – which is something that it desperately needed as I had worked my brain so hard that it could now only function on the basics (when I went to the doctors in October 2013, they asked me to sit up and I actually couldn’t work out how to do that!). Anyway! Meditation helped me in so many ways, it helped me to appreciate that I only get one body, so I need to look after it! It also helped to rebuild my confidence, not being able to function properly doesn’t do wonders for the ego! As you can imagine with this challenge (I will tell you about the challenge in a minute!) every week is like having your first day at work – usually a pretty scary time, especially if it’s a bit tricky to think at times! But thanks to meditation I can take it in my stride, and enjoy the experience and the people I meet rather than be terrified by it!

100 Job Challenge

So where does global help swap come into this? Well now that my priorities have changed, the job that I want to do has also changed. I want to do something where I am not bound by the 9-5, and can take opportunities as and when they come up. I want to be able to have experiences and time with friends and family. I came up with the 100 Job Challenge where I will ‘try’ 100 different jobs and write a blog about each one to raise money for a charity called The Meditation Trust (and to work out what I want my next job to be!). Paul & Karen’s job seemed like the dream job, and definitely something that I wanted to find out more about. I messaged Paul asking if I could come along for the day, to see what it’s like to be a travel blogger, and once he was back from Sri Lanka and Turkey (how amazing) – he agreed that I could come along! So here I am on job number 14, learning about the best job in the world! I’ll let you know how I get on, but from what I have learnt already it’s a lot of work, but is certainly worth it!

About the author:

100 job challenge Bobbie Lane is on a challenge to try a 100 different jobs for a few days to raise money  for The Meditation Trust. When she is not working on a 100 different jobs, she likes  attending festivals, markets and gigs.



What an amazing story. Thank you Bobbie for being our first employee and sharing your tale. We all take our health for granted and after reading Bobbie’s words we should all step back and think what are the important things in life. To help Bobbie reach her goal you can donate here: 100 job challenge donate


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